Pitsilia live Photoblog

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Today's live blog is all about photography. We are heading to Pitsilia, to explore one of the island's most beautiful regions.

During our road trip we will visit several beautiful villages, nature sites, viewpoints and we will cover a distance of approximately 115 kilometres.

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We just woke up and have to accept that it's going to be a cloudy day. Let's see what happens.


It really feels like Autumn today. Let's go!


Following a natural trail is always a good idea!


We would never have guessed, that we would find a botanical garden. Gotta love these reflections.


Villages appear out of nowhere and each one of them has a beautiful story to tell.


Pitsilia is famous for its villages. There are beautiful villages of all sizes. One of the area's largest villages (or kefalochória) is Kyperounda.


We love road trips and we love rain as well. However, road tripping in a rainy weather sucks. We had to skip two villages because of very bad weather and we are now in Agros, another one of the Pitsilia's kefalochória. Also (and we cannot stress this enough), trying to upload images on the mountains, is a huge pain.


Thank God, the rain has stopped and this makes our exploration much easier. Finally there's the smell of smoke coming out of the chimneys. We love this change in the weather. We also made a new friend, Mr. Gray the cat.


Nothing beats making random stops along the way and making new discoveries! Kato Mylos was an absolute delight!


We are still on the road, exploring the highlights of your trip to Cyprus. Today's road trip has revealed many hidden gems that wait patiently for someone to discover them.


Back to base, after a beautiful day that was full of discoveries. Pitsilia has welcomed us wearing her most colourful garments, like a queen.

What are your favourite places in this majestically wonderful area?

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